Future topics: local and regional development

The 100-year anniversary of the Carinthian Plebiscite and “CARINTHIja 2020” will be commemorated with a focus on the historical narrative, while at the same time there will be an emphasis on the next one hundred years of the region’s future. In the field of local and regional development this involves, besides the active development of urban areas, the future of rural areas.

These are especially strongly affected by demographic change. Even though the urban areas will expand slightly in the years to come and we will be confronted by emigration in particular from the outlying districts. A decline in the birth rate and the increasing proportion of people of retirement age will also pose challenges for which timely preparations must be made. In order to counteract emigration from the valleys and peripheral regions, the Carinthian coalition initiated the development of a masterplan for rural areas in the government programme from 2018 to 2023.

The masterplan aims to determine the greatest challenges and, at the same time, find strategic solutions. The aim is the creation of specific, regional packages of measures that can be implemented in succession. Within the framework of preparing these measures, the residents in the valleys will be consulted to determine the specific strengths and weaknesses of the regions in order to determine fields of action. Existing structures such as LEADER, tourism, KEM, KLAR, etc. should be actively involved in order to effectively make use of existing knowledge.

The celebrations for the anniversary in October will mark the beginning although preparatory measures will, of course, take place throughout 2020. Within the scope of CARINTHIja 2020 there will be a range of preliminary insights into the process behind the “Masterplan for Rural Areas”.

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