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The projects funded by the province of Carinthia in the fields of “Culture: Art and Tradition”, “Science” and “Schools” are an important part of the diverse event programme in 2020 and the following year.

132 (cultural) societies, initiatives, organisations, institutions, artists and students have submitted their project ideas as a result of the call for project proposals on the individual topics. In all three topic areas the selection was made by an expert jury in order to identify the 89 best projects for the anniversary year. The results are now available in the form of a diverse and challenging overall programme for 2020 and due to the pandemic also for 2021, covering all sectors of social and cultural life from scientific conferences to artistic performances. At events in a variety of locations, participants will be able to demonstrate with their unique sets of skills the impressive range that Carinthia, the cultural province, has to offer.

Map of the various projects


Bild: Mobile Ausstellung in St. Veit an der Glan
23 OCT 00:00
Bild: Mobile Ausstellung in St. Veit an der Glan
Nicht das Land besucht die Ausstellung, die Ausstellung kommt ins Land. Die Mobile Ausstellung in Form von zeitgemäß gestalte...
Bild: SprachKultur/Raum&Zeit-Na poti skozi čas
24 OCT 00:00
Bild: SprachKultur/Raum&Zeit-Na poti skozi čas
Auf 22 Tafeln erzählt die im Rahmen von CARINTHIja 2020 – 100 Jahre Kärntner Volksabstimmung, Zeitreisen...
Bild: doma/daheim
26 OCT 10:00
Bild: doma/daheim


Das Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg/Pliberk zeigt vom 01. Mai bis 31. Oktober 2021 die Ausstellung: doma / daheim. Unterwegs zu...
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