100 years after the Carinthian Plebiscite A region through time and perspectives

In 2020, the province of Carinthia celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the plebiscite of 10th October 1920. This historical event has shaped the recent Carinthian history of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is the starting point for us to reflect on our own history and identity in the year 2020 and due to the pandemic also in 2021, to review the situation of the province and its people and − most importantly − to look ahead to the future.

In 2020, the province of Carinthia breaks new ground with “CARINTHIja 2020 – A region through time and perspectives”: There is a strong focus on the province and its people. No single location will take centre stage in the anniversary year, but rather the whole of Carinthia, especially the former ballot zone. Five wide-ranging main themes will form the thematic focus of the anniversary year. [MORE]

The aim of CARINTHIja 2020 is to involve as many people as possible in the various activities. One hundred years of Carinthian history offers the chance to reflect on things from different points of view.

The anniversary year of 2020 is essentially based around three pillars:

The official celebrations of the province of Carinthia

The call for project proposals – Culture: Art and Tradition, Science and Education

The mobile exhibition in the Carinthian district capitals

If you want to find out more about the historical background, you can find a short article on the events of 1920 here. [MORE]


Bild: Pliberški dnevi dialoga
23 APR 14:00
Bild: Pliberški dnevi dialoga
Alljährlich im Mai steht Bleiburg aufgrund des sogenannten „Kroatentreffens“ am Loibacher Feld im Mittelpunkt der...
Bild: Erinnerungsschleife _ po poteh spominov 'Utopia gnp' 1920.2020
24 APR 08:00
Bild: Erinnerungsschleife _ po poteh spominov 'Utopia gnp' 1920.2020
Bildende Kunst in Erinnerung an die wichtigen Ereignisse, die mit den Namen Gašper, Johan und Lenart für den Wiedera...
Bild: CHS - ComeBack
01 MAY 00:00
Bild: CHS - ComeBack
Die AbsolventInnen der HLK für Kunst und Gestaltung am CHS werden gemeinsam mit ihren ProfessorInnen im Rahmen des 20-Jahr-Jubi...
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Flying to the moon


Meeting at the border


Mobile exhibition